Happiness in sorrow

Posted in Music by downwithprince on November 13, 2009

Imagine that you are driving at full speed through a barren and dusty landscape, completely isolated from all the everyday complexities, having the mind cleared of everything called time and space. Behind lies a world of indifference and ahead lies the indefinable and frightening which you nonetheless have an urge to face. This is the mood that I personally associate with Sonic Youth’s music. It helps me vent my frustration.

The ugliness, the anger and the suffering, which we all bear, are not surpressed but lifted to something beautiful, a symbol of man’s versatility. Dark sides of life are not glorified, but recognized as the basic existential conditions that contribute to our individual human formation. This philosophical angle to mankind and the world characterizes the post-punk genre and is reflected in the music of Sonic Youth.

With “Teen Age Riot” Sonic Youth managed to mix noise and harmony to a raw track boasting the most catchy melody in their entire discography. The track stretches to nearly seven minutes, but to me it always seems to be over too soon. Happy listening!


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