An ode to Daul Kim

Posted in Inspiration by downwithprince on December 19, 2009

It has been a month since she passed away. I’ve tried to figure out what was going on through her mind. Why did she choose to end her life despite her professional success? After reading her blog, I only got to know a fraction of the true Daul Kim. Behind her smile was a girl aching for her loneliness to be gone. She was a deep thinker longing for something more in life than just being a model, an one-of-a-kind who didn’t give in to what others thought of her. Stuck between two cultures, she was often misunderstood both in the Western world and among her fellow countrymen. Here’s an entry from her blog showing her frustration

“seriously korean ppl
stop bullying me
u know what

i have a life

i dont owe you anything
and you dont own me

i dont mean harm, and im just happy to share
my point of views or what i like, its not to offend or to be punk

i respect korean culture as much as possible
im proud to be korean

sometimes i can be ab noxious i know,

but nudity in fashion can’t be considered ab noxious

ok did i ever have a dirty scandal? no
did i ever slut around ? no
is i-D porn? no

do you guys bitch when you see a Caucasian model nude?
a japanese girl nude? a black girl nude?
and when its korean girl nude, you guys get mad angry
and i can be blonde, red, pink haired if i want. im not trying to be anything else
i have every right to do what i want. if a white girl colours her hair black, do u say “oh shes trying to be asian”?

its so silly to restrict korean girl has to be a certain way
this is superiority complex and complex is not …. flattering

its 2009 , it aint the 70’s we dont have 11pm curfew and skirt length regulations

Korea is Korea. its not the world…

and before im korean,


dont be sad or mad because i change
people change! and move on! i grew. and i wont ask you to change
but i AM going to ask for your understandings.

im not gonna say sorry for living my life…”

In this video she talks about Tolstoy and is absolutely open with her cultural differences.

If I’d met you we could’ve read poems together, shared our thoughts and feelings, and danced your loneliness away to techno tunes. We could’ve been friends, but now that you’re gone I’ll never meet you, ever. Poor girl, I feel your pain. You’ll always be remembered.

Autumn already! – But why regret the everlasting sun, if we are sworn to a search for divine brightness, – far from those who die as seasons turn.

Arthur Rimbaud, Farewell


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