I joyfully hasten to meet death

Posted in Inspiration, Music by downwithprince on April 25, 2010

Beethoven was by nature a volatile person with strong changes of mood. He was easy (too easy many thought) to fury and had a depressive side that grew stronger throughout life. It was reinforced by his increasing deafness which obviously was a huge blow for him as he was famous for being an improvisational, virtuoso pianist and composer. In his despair at being about to lose his hearing, he wrote his testament already as 31-year-old. He just did not know whether he could survive the disease or whether he could bear to live with it.

Beyond the depressive and aggressive side, Beethoven had an almost manic, energetic side. He also had a softer side. A side that often caused the man to fall hopelessly in love. He found all moods in himself – darkness, anger, fear, joy, and through his music he found a genuine way to describe his innermost feelings, how we are and live as humans alternating between light and shadow in our lives with joy and vitality at one end of the spectrum and sorrow and death at the other, and expressed it clearly in his solemn and touching sonata, the “Pathetique Sonata”.



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