The way your perfume makes you stink

Posted in Fashion, Literature by downwithprince on October 30, 2010

John Sutcliffe was a fascinating, creative person suffering from a lifetime obsession with leather. His natural flair for odd design led him to change profession from being an aircraft engineer to a self-taught designer in leather, rubber and vinyl fetish wear. Trying to normalize something previous regarded as shameful by the mainstream culture of 1970s England, he started AtomAge magazine which would also work as a catalogue for his creations. The magazine ran for 32 issues and was a great achievement for him. Despite its success, AtomAge remained an underground phenomenon. It was ultimately destroyed by the prudish nature of the times. “Dressing For Pleasure: The Best of AtomAge 1972-1980” by Jonny Trunk offers a peek into the world of a pioneering pervert whose work has become an important influence on the current fetish scene as on modern high fashion.



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