Never get out of bed before noon

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I haven’t bothered updating for a while, but now I’m back cos I bought some interesting piece of reading material I want to show off. Found this June ’74 issue of Playboy Magazine at GADABOUT. It’s not an expensive thing to buy, but they overpriced it for $25 while people sell it for much smaller amounts on eBay. Who cares, here are some scans from the “Playmate of the Year” pictorial with Cyndi Wood.



Looking for a way out before I’m even in

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Inspired by and dedicated to the great Lynda Barry.

Get the dirt at MoCCa. Super Right On Comix is made up of drawings submitted by various artists on tumblr, and the printed copies were passed around at the MoCCa Festival last week. Second issue comes out in July.


Shake shake shake the dope out

Posted in Magazines, Music by downwithprince on March 24, 2010

It happens that I read old magazines during times of boredom, but also to find things that I might have missed due to lack of interest and time. Today I found a great article in the September 2009 issue of i-D, which I wasn’t too enthusiastic about when reviewing it back then, but the interview of Jennifer Herrema surely remedies the disappointment and makes the issue worth the money.

Head to for the interview and more outakes.


Happy when it rains

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06.09: METAL: Still Raining

The Emperor

Posted in Fashion, Magazines by downwithprince on November 14, 2009

Ash Stymest for Dazed & Confused #65, 2008. Ornamented with roses and peonies he reminded me of the emperor of Rome.


I. T POST Magazine #5

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Façade Nostalgie

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Façade was a French magazine inspired by Andy Warhol’s Interview. It was founded in 1976 by Alain Benoist. Renowned throughout the art, fashion and graphic design worlds, it has become a cult object with only 13 publications (from 1976 till 1983) numbered from 1 to 14 and undated. Among its distributors were the models who were handing it directly from the top of the podium.


Versace meets David Lynch

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All the 90’s supermodels together in one shoot in Brooklyn for American Vogue September 1991. Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Helena Christensen, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder and Stephanie Seymour. Images via TFS.


When I die, scatter my ashes on a naked lady

Posted in Fashion, Magazines by downwithprince on October 12, 2009

Ash Stymest for Metal Magazine #17. Photographed by JM Ferrater and styled by Ana de Gregorio.

Tonight the stars hang vividly to her eyes
To her soul a quiet whisper and her heart can take in no lies
Tonight the moon is quiet and holding no restraint
The trees are still in the breezeless night air
Love dangles off her sleeve unready for such a taint.

Pretty Young Things

Posted in Magazines by downwithprince on September 20, 2009

My brother got back from London last week and bought me the September issue of i-D. Judged by cover it seems interesting with its high fashion mixed with a fresh flyness, but it’s the most boring editorial I’ve seen in a while with standard photos and lack of stories. You can watch a making of video here.