I joyfully hasten to meet death

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Beethoven was by nature a volatile person with strong changes of mood. He was easy (too easy many thought) to fury and had a depressive side that grew stronger throughout life. It was reinforced by his increasing deafness which obviously was a huge blow for him as he was famous for being an improvisational, virtuoso pianist and composer. In his despair at being about to lose his hearing, he wrote his testament already as 31-year-old. He just did not know whether he could survive the disease or whether he could bear to live with it.

Beyond the depressive and aggressive side, Beethoven had an almost manic, energetic side. He also had a softer side. A side that often caused the man to fall hopelessly in love. He found all moods in himself – darkness, anger, fear, joy, and through his music he found a genuine way to describe his innermost feelings, how we are and live as humans alternating between light and shadow in our lives with joy and vitality at one end of the spectrum and sorrow and death at the other, and expressed it clearly in his solemn and touching sonata, the “Pathetique Sonata”.



I wish that I’d sail the darkened seas

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Slava Tsukerman wanted to express by means of cinema what Andy Warhol was expressing in art when he decided to come up with “Liquid Sky”, a picture on the New York City new wave crowd. A spaced out, low budget cult classic about heroin, orgasms, and aliens. Also, the music and fashion are so cutting edge that it evidently had some impact on the copycat Gaga.


Looking for a way out before I’m even in

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Inspired by and dedicated to the great Lynda Barry.

Get the dirt at MoCCa. Super Right On Comix is made up of drawings submitted by various artists on tumblr, and the printed copies were passed around at the MoCCa Festival last week. Second issue comes out in July.


Great minds think alike

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Nancy, Nancy, oh, nauseating Nancy. I heard you were so out of control. I also heard you were the bad, unlikeable bitch who liked to smash rooms to pieces and disliked everything except for heroin, rock ‘n’ roll, and your boyfriend. Did you know I’ve got a weakness for girls with curly blonde hair, red lipstick, who dress in black tank dresses and ripped tights? Baby, I want a girl like you to take precedence over just everything in my life.

I’m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

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Let’s hope Twilight Saga celebrity Kristen Stewart doesn’t mess up “The Runaways” movie, which is to premiere this weekend.


Shake shake shake the dope out

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It happens that I read old magazines during times of boredom, but also to find things that I might have missed due to lack of interest and time. Today I found a great article in the September 2009 issue of i-D, which I wasn’t too enthusiastic about when reviewing it back then, but the interview of Jennifer Herrema surely remedies the disappointment and makes the issue worth the money.

Head to for the interview and more outakes.


I was 15 before I realized I was dead

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This rebellion is just a gas

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Whether you’re searching for a book to replace some missing links in your musical and visual education or a retrospect of the musical riches of the 1970s, “Cult Rock Posters” is a great choice. From the gritty sound and fuck you attitude of punk, or the quirky vocals and synthesized rhythms of new wave to the catchy melodies and glittery of glam, a rock history of this decade of great change has been put together, drawing upon interviews with artists and a collection of over 150 rare posters.


Kickass girls owning the night

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Right now, I’m having a femmes of rock moment which inspired me to do this post about women who prefer the comfort of a cold beer to that of a warm man, and whose first love is for ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. Don’t get me wrong. I prefer girl bands with talent and style over feminist bands, with the come-and-get-it flaunt, who are only worthy of a second thought because of their looks.

Almost any old rock girlfriends/groupies had style but I’d take Girlschool, one of the punkiest and fiercest bands to blow up in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s new wave of British heavy metal. Girlschool was the real thing. Those girls were stylish and forceful, but without the pose. And they could rock harder than most men.

Suzi Quatro, another acceptable face of femme rock who formed the Pleasure Seekers, proved that it was possible for a small woman to play bass and sing rocking skin tight leather clothes and be the wild one that all guys wish their tidy girlfriends would be.


Happy when it rains

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06.09: METAL: Still Raining